The Skin Alert: Best Skin Care Routine for Treating Uneven Skin Tone

Do you keep loading on different types of concealers every time you go makeup shopping? Layers of makeup won’t help your uneven skin tone. It is essential to manage uneven skin tone in the right away to get permanent results.
The amount of melanin pigment produced in your skin determines your skin tone. However, some parts of your skin may produce more melanin when compared to the others. As a result, your skin tone varies. This also makes the area around your eyes and mouth much darker when compared to the other parts of your face.
But, what are the causes for an uneven skin tone? Why does the proportion of melanin vary in your skin? Let’s find out…

  1. Sun Exposure
    Everyone loves getting sun-kissed every now and then. But when your sunny love affair gets too serious, your skin reacts intensely and produces extra melanin. These excessive melanin pigments absorb UV rays which damages your skin cells. Such areas with damaged skin cells are then exposed to sunlight and eventually become darker than the rest of the skin. Too much sun exposure can also lead to hyperpigmentation.
  2. Hormonal Imbalance
    Hormonal imbalance is common in pregnant women, those who are on birth control pills, and PCOD patients. This imbalance may cause an excessive production of melanin in the skin. High melanin may result in black or brown patches on chin, cheeks or forehead. This condition is termed as melasma. In recent years, the number of cases for melasma have increased. The condition derives its name from the word melas, the Greek translation for black. You may develop melasma if certain chemicals used in cosmetic products are not compatible with your skin. Also if you’re on medication and your skin reacts to certain compounds in those drugs, then it can trigger melasma.
  3. Post Inflammatory
    In case you have any scars on your skin due to sustained wounds, then these scars may get darker with time. This condition is known as scarring. Too much acne can also leave behind ugly scars on your face which may get darker over a period of time.
  4. Ageing
    Ageing is not an easy process. Our body undergoes a number of structural and functional changes when we age. The process of ageing may also bring with it spots on your face which may get darker over a period of time.

Treatment for uneven skin tone:

  • Medication:
    The treatment of uneven skin tone depends on the type of dark areas, scars or spots that you may have developed. The causes of your uneven skin tone are also major contributors to the type of treatment you will undergo and drugs that you may be prescribed. Your doctor may tell you to use skin lighteners, toners, dark spot correctors, chemical peels and face masks in accordance to your skin type. Additionally, he may prescribe extra tablets and vitamin supplements.

    Uneven skin tone is treated by removing the topmost layer of your skin, safely, in order to get rid of the unwanted pigmentation. Treatment also promotes the removal of dead cells and balances the melanin pigment. It enhances the regeneration of new skin cells to restore damaged skin and nourishes them to achieve a clear skin tone.

    Natural remedies:
    Many prefer natural treatment for uneven skin tone. There are a number of natural remedies for uneven skin tone. You can prepare face packs at home by using various combinations of milk, gram flour, lemon, sugar, turmeric, yogurt, tomato, honey, multani mitti, rose water, tulsi, neem, raw papaya, nutmeg, cinnamon, sandalwood, orange juice, aloe vera gel, cucumber or tomato pulp.
  • Diet
    It is essential to get sufficient antioxidants from your food to fight the uneven skin tone. Include antioxidant rich foods in your diet to detox your skin, decrease inflammation and protect your skin from free radicals in air pollutants that lead to uneven skin tone. Load up on fresh dark leafy vegetables, citrus fruits like oranges, green tea and whole grains to maintain a healthy skin with clear skin tone. Consume plenty of water to provide oxygen to your skin cells and flush out toxins.

    Apart from that, low-fat dairy products are recommended to get rid of uneven skin tone. Avoid refined sugars, caffeine, cola and processed food to keep your hormones in check. Flax seeds, fenugreek seeds will help maintain your hormonal balance. A well-balanced diet will help you age gracefully with healthy and clear skin.

    It’s not only our body that depends on the vitamins and minerals available in fruits and vegetables, but also our skin. After all, nothing can replace a well-balanced diet.
  • Exercising Regularly:
    Regular workouts are essential to improve blood circulation and tone your skin. They also detoxify your skin and help in removing dead skin cells. Facial exercises are recommended to treat uneven skin at home. They help tone your eye and mouth area and clear dark patches. You can also rub your palms together to generate heat and then place them on your cheeks to achieve healthy skin. Breathing exercises promote even skin tone by supplying oxygen to your skin cells.

What is the combined role of treatment, diet and exercise for treating uneven skin tone?
Experts suggest that the combination of treatment, diet and exercise is the ultimate formula to even your skin tone at home. These are the three dots that you need to connect if you want to get rid of patchy skin, spots and scars forever. If you skip one, then the process will not be as effective as it should be. No wonder we hear many people complaining that in spite of undergoing the best treatments, their skin tone remains uneven. This generally happens when you concentrate only on one aspect of the cure i.e. the treatment, while completely ignoring the other two aspects i.e. diet and exercise. Therefore, we suggest all our readers to make the most of all three aspects to get effective results.

Best skin care routine to even your skin tone at home:

  1. Sunscreen is a must-have for whenever you step out. It protects your skin from UV rays.
  2. Exfoliation is key. Use peels to exfoliate every night. They slough off dead skin cells, provide intensive care to deeper skin cells and reveal a new layer of glowing, clear skin. Apply a peel before sleeping and you’ll wake up with beautiful skin.
  3. Moisturizer with SPF is irreplaceable since it ultra-hydrates the skin without leaving it greasy. It gives you plump and healthy skin. It also combats ageing.
  4. Vitamin C brightening serum is a hero for reducing your dark patches. It aids in skin lightening and protects your skin from free radicals in air pollutants. Just a few drops of the vitamin C and you’re good to go.

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