How to fill in a patchy beard?

The beard to a man is like the mane to a Lion”. The beard symbolizes the growth of a child into a man, it is the sign of male maturity.
A full beard is every man’s dream but sadly not everyone gets to enjoy a dark bushy beard on their face. This is a common problem, but thankfully there are remedies that work on the facial hair growth for men. Our researchers have found some remedies to help you get rid of patchy beard.
But before that let us understand the causes of a patchy beard. Let’s get into it:
Causes of a patchy beard:
There are many reasons as to why someone has a sparse beard which includes Hormonal imbalances, genetic factors, lifestyles or medical conditions.

Genetic Factors:
The genetic factor plays a very important role in building the characteristics of an individual. Beard growth is also stimulated by the genes of a person. If you don’t have a full beard, chances are that you might have genetic hindrance. But our remedies will definitely help you alleviate your problems.

Stress and lifestyle:
Your mental health is reflected on your body. One of the most common reasons for a patchy beard is bad lifestyle and stress. In a world that is constantly plagued by pressure, maintaining a calm mind and healthy lifestyle can become difficult. What adds to the matter is the fact that stress has become a normal part of our everyday lives. Unhealthy eating habits and a constant mental turmoil results in hair loss of all kinds including facial hair.

Hormones play a huge factor in overall health. In men, testosterone regulates secondary sexual characteristics such as facial hair. A reduced amount or improper production of the hormone can lead to bad skin, facial hair loss (patchy beard) and more.

Age also plays an important role in patchy beard. If you are young and growing, you might want to wait until you’ve reached your maturity. You might experience a patchy beard because you’ve not fully attained maturity. In contrast, even if you are ageing, you might encounter hair fall and balding in parts where there is hair, including your facial hair.
Seeking expert advice for skin and hair problems is one way to make you get proper patchy beard treatment.

Medical conditions:
Medical conditions like Alopecia can cause hair fall and bald patches in facial hair. This condition might resolve on its own but if it persists, one might want to consult an expert to get rid of patchy beard.
Again hormonal changes, diet, stress and other factors contribute towards Alopecia.

How do we fill in a patchy beard?
Here are a few ways that will help your patchy beard grow out to its full potential. Some of these measures have been known to be the best way to fill patchy beard without undergoing medication or painful procedures.

Getting proper treatment & Expert Advice:
Often you will have to seek proper medical advice from experts to help with your problems. One can get these medical symptoms relieved simply by taking advice from experts. Nani ka Nuskha provides you with effective patchy beard solutions to resolve your hair problems from the inside out with proper treatment + diet + exercise from experts.

There’s a saying, “You are what you eat”. What you eat will show on your skin. Also, workout without a proper diet is useless. So, if you are someone who eats a lot of unhealthy food, skips meals and overeats, you will face problems like patchy facial hair.
For a proper diet routine, one might consider seeking advice from experts.

A lot of problems mentioned earlier can be dealt with lifestyle changes. Exercise is important not just for your hair but for your health as well. It is proven that workout allows in maintaining and regulating hormonal levels in men and women alike. Proper workout can help boost testosterone levels in men, thereby alleviating problems like patchy beard hair.

Beard Oil & Beard Balms: Beard oil for men are infused with ingredients that will help in promoting new hair growth in bald patches. In recent years, Beard oil for men has become quite a popular patchy beard solution that effectively works.

Derma roller:
Derma rollers can improve patchy beard progress. Derma roller makes micro punctures which increases the blood flow to the damaged areas. The increased blood flow helps in stimulating growth while helping your patchy beard grow out. It is also an effective patchy beard solution and also helps in rejuvenating the skin.

In conclusion, a patchy beard is fixable with the right measures and some expert advice. But one has to also consider the fact that certain problems do not reduce with natural remedies and it is always better to seek medical intervention when dealing with health problems.