1. What is Nani ka Nuskha?
    Nani ka Nuskha is a one stop solution for all your Body, Skin & Hair related issues. Nani ka Nuskha is the only brand that provides a combination of solution that includes HOME REMEDIES + DIET + EXERCISE for skin & hair issues, DIET + WORKOUT PLAN for body concern.
  2. What does Nani ka Nuskha do?
    Treatment with Dermatologist contains lots of chemical which can be harmful sometimes for skin & hair. Nani ka nuskha has come up with gharelu nuskhe for skin & hair issues which is chemical free & 100% natural.
  3. Why Nani ka Nuskha Provides combination of solution?
    For effective results it is important to cleanse the external as well as internal body. Apart from home Remedies, Diet and Exercise is also very important.
  4. Team of Nani ka Nuskha?
    Our team consists of top Skin & Hair expert’s dieticians & fitness trainers that are passionate about making our service easily accessible at home with the help of technological innovation.
  5. What we treat?
    We provide treatment for body issues like Weight Gain, Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Toned Body, Body Detox, Immunity Booster / Skin Issues like Acne Pimple, Acne Scars, Body De tan, Glowing Skin, Pigmentation, Anti-Ageing, Dark spots, Pimple Marks, Dark Circle / Hair issues like Hair fall, Hair dandruff, Hair thinning, Split ends, Dry frizzy hair, Premature grey-white hair, Color damaged hair / Beard issues like Patchy Beard & Beard Dandruff
  6. What will my treatment plan include for Skin & Hair?
    Your treatment plan for skin & hair includes Home Remedies + Diet + Exercise.
  7. What will my treatment plan include for body?
    Your treatment plan for body includes Home Friendly Diet + Workout Plan.
  8. Does Nani ka Nuskha have any harmful ingredients?
    No, all the ingredients are 100% natural & chemical free.
  9. How nani ka Nuskha’s Remedies different from other remedies?
    Based on 2 years of research by skin & hair experts Nani ka Nuskha’s remedies are trial & tested which gives you 100% result.
  10. How long should I use nani ka nuskha?
    The course is only for 2 months to treat your condition after that you can use any 1 Remedies once a week to maintain healthy skin & hair.
  11. Can I use makeup foundation sunscreen or cosmetic alongside with Nani ka Nuskha’s remedies?
    Yes, you can use any cosmetics, makeup, foundation sunscreen or any product that you use on a daily basis while using our remedies.
  12. What should I do if I face a side-effect or reaction to the prescribed remedies?
    While all the remedies that are prescribed are tried & tested. Always do a patch test on your skin to check for a reaction whenever you apply some new solutions directly to your skin. In case of any irritation & redness discontinue using our recommended remedies.
  13. Do I have to click photos of my condition?
    Yes, you need to click photos of your symptoms our experts need photos os your symptoms to analyses your condition and provide you with a customized treatment plan. You only need your phone camera for their photos.
  14. Is Nani ka Nuskha right for me?
    Nani ka Nuskha is for anyone who has Body, Skin & hair issues and wants to get a solution from the top experts in a quick, efficient and inexpensive manner.
  15. Will my skin be affected if I stop using nani ka nuskha?
    Your skin will not undergo any adverse changes; in case you stop following your customized plan.
    In fact, the benefit of the regimen will show visible effects on your skin & hair even after your shift your regimen although for a limited period.
  16. Does my treatment plan also include the medicines?
    No, we treat your condition by Home remedies + Diet + Exercise
  17. When will I received my treatment plan after the payment is done?
    You will receive your customized solution plan within 24-48 hours after the payment is done.
  18. Can I pay with cash?
    Since we are an online only service we are unable to accept cash payment
  19. What is the payment process?
    All payments can be made through credit card, debit card, net banking, UPI through our online, secure payment provider Razor pay. The payment screen will appear after you have completed the online questionnaire.