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I was getting criticized for being overweight by friends, acquaintances and even my family. Criticizing comments from them really made me question myself and the fact that people who barely knew me were judging me on my weight, demotivated me to such an extent, that I took it upon myself to lose weight and prove it to others with nani ka nuskha’s diet and exercise.


After visiting tons of dermats, my acne problems never really disappeared. After trying nani ka nuskha, they not only provided me with proper home remedies but they also gave me diet and exercises to go along with it, which helped me treat my acne and reduced my scars. I’m a super happy customer of Nani!


Seeing other girls with clear skin always gave an inferiority complex. Nani ka nuskha instilled self confidence in me after I purchased their 3 month package to get rid of pigmentation and uneven skin tone. My skin is getting clear and brighter everyday. All thanks to Nani!


I lost 20 kilos without going to the gym and my secret is Nani ka nuskha! Being a dancer, I looked very heavy in all my dance videos and the constant criticism of being obese made me very conscious of my looks and my health. Hence, that was the time I decided to lose weight and get back to shape.


My battle with acne has been a long one and these stubborn pimples just wouldn’t go. Natural and chemical free treatment from Nani ka nuskha, helped me get rid of all the blemishes on my skin and the diet and exercise, coupled with the treatment also reduced my dark spots effectively. I’m so happy now!


After retiring from my government job, I developed a keen interest in losing weight and becoming fit with nani ka nuskha as I had put on extra calories, doing a desk job. The plans were pretty helpful and easy. At my age people think it’s a huge task to shed so many calories but now I can run more miles than my son!


After losing weight with Nani ka nuskha, the tag of being a nerd or a geek also disappeared with it and I feel like a brand new person with a healthier and positive outlook. The end result was really great and satisfying. I will be recommending Nani ka nuskha to my friends and family too. Great job!


I’m so excited to share this with everyone! I have struggled with acne and pimple marks for a long time, but after following remedies by Nani ka nuskha, I’ve immediately noticed a difference in my skin. My acne disappeared and my skin has completely settled down and it’s glowing like I have never experienced before. Love you Nani!


With my busy schedule, I had no time to visit any skin expert, while my pimples were increasing and my acne problem was becoming quite severe. It was then that I found out about Nani ka nuskha. Having started the treatment, my skin is getting better, day by day. I loved the whole experience of getting my problem solved without any effort, without having to stress about going to a doctor, taking an appointment, managing time out of work. It’s been a blessing!


My beard growth had become irregular for a while and it was a really big dilemma for me as I wanted to have a big bushy beard. Nani ka nuskha helped me in growing my beard to such an extent that it’s become a full bush. In all honesty, I’d recommend Nani ka nuskha to everyone.


My dreams of building a body came true with Nani ka nuskha. I was always thin from the beginning and wanted to tone my body and bulk up my muscles. They helped me reach my true potential with a proper diet and exercise plan that has given me such an effective result.


I was frustrated with my beard growing out in patches and I longed for an even complete one as it looked very weird. I tried Nani ka nuskha’s natural treatment at home, this lockdown, and I can really see the change as the treatment, coupled with diet and exercises has been giving me effective and consistent results.


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